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Dear Sarah: On Writing


Dear Sarah,

I want to write books and publish them. I like science fiction and have lots of ideas to create a sub-world of creatures. My parents don’t really support my efforts or encourage me. How do I find a publisher? What advice do you have for me?

Julia C.
[letter edited for brevity]

Dear Julia,

Ooooo! A fellow writer!

Maybe you know this already, but I started writing when I was about eight years old. I loved to write and tell stories even then. At first, I wrote in notebooks (I LOVE LOVE LOVE moleskins). Sometimes my family would read them, but my handwriting was really messy and the stories weren’t necessarily well-written. I was, after all, just a kid.

I don’t know how old you are but I say GO FOR IT. Maybe this first attempt is not going to be your break-out best seller. But the more you write, the better you will become.

Additionally, you must read. A LOT. Surround yourself with books that are similar to what you want to write. Study the way the authors write. Underline, highlight, keep a journal (MOLESKIN).

As for your parents, the more you write and show it to them, the more they will realize that you are serious. Very serious.

In regard to publishing, that’s an easy one. When I was growing up, we didn’t have the Internet (just in case you are younger, I had to toss that in). I had to buy the Writer’s Market book each year and type query letters to send to agents and publishers that accepted direct queries. Those days are gone. offers wonderful self-publishing options. However, a word of warning. Just because you post a well-written and well edited manuscript on Amazon does not mean it will sell. You need to market the book to your audience and that is very, very time consuming. Even if you have the best book in the world, if people don’t know about it or feel compelled to purchase it, it will just sit on the virtual book shelf, languishing with really poor rankings.

You must have a strategy on how to reach your audience. Fortunately, there are tons of websites online that can give you information on how to do that. Be selective in what you do. You need to stay true to yourself. In other words, do not do marketing “gimmicks” or try to buy LIKES/FOLLOWERS/REVIEWS.

That will not help you, but hurt you.

God rewards hard work, not short cuts. 😉

Hugs and blessings,


P.S. Let me know how it goes!!!

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2 thoughts on “Dear Sarah: On Writing

  1. I stumbled on this place, and I am enjoying your words of encouragement and reality very much! Keep it up! I wanted to write but was too chicken to do it as myself. I may eventually work myself out of anonymity.

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