Dear Sarah

Dear Sarah: On Positive Energy

Positive EnergyDear Sarah,

I love your positive energy on your Morning videos. You asked for people to contact you so I thought I would ask if you were always so positive and energetic? I want to be like that.

Lily P.
[letter edited for brevity]

Dear Lily,

Noooooooo. Not at all. To be perfectly forthcoming, I began suffering from severe depression right after I had my first baby and it’s been a tough battle ever since. I was living in a household that was not happy thanks to someone (not me or the baby, obviously) dealing with a severe substance abuse problem which was partnered up with verbal, emotional, and financial abuse. Later, I found out that there was gambling going on, too.

For me, the turnaround was realizing that I did not have to live that way. It’s easy to say “Walk away,” but it isn’t easy to do. I wasn’t an enabler. In fact, I made it very, very public that things were going on at home. Rapidly, I learned that many people don’t really want you to answer the question “How are you doing?”…not honestly, anyway.

So, surrounding myself with good, positive, supportive people is the first step to getting and staying positive.

Removing toxic people, even family and friends, from my life was essential to finding a place where happiness could grow.

I read my Bible a lot, too. I love Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. Those are my go-to books in the Bible when I’m feeling down. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I realized that God has a plan for me that I cannot determine. He chose me for some reason and I will not question that. Never ask Why me? Only God knows his reasons. Sometimes he shares them with us, but on his time, not ours.

I believe happiness is a mindset. In order to find it…to achieve it…we have to realize that, ultimately, no one else can make us happy. Nor can things make us happy.

As for energy…yes. I’ve always been high energy, even when I’m tired. Force yourself to do what you really want to do. Don’t make excuses for why you shouldn’t do it.

Hugs and blessings,


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2 thoughts on “Dear Sarah: On Positive Energy

  1. Great write-up about Sarah Price. Sounds like with all she’s been through she took all the negative and made it a positive life for her and her family joining the journey with her closest loved ones, her friends and her readers. Lesson lived!

  2. I adore Sarah Price ! I read all of her books and have not had one I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. She truly connects with her readers/ followers through her videoed ” morning coffee chats “, blogs, emails, instagram photos and book reviews . I met Sarah several years ago at one of her book signings at Debe Yoder Hooleys’ store,Yoder Family Traditions, in Syllacauga, Alabama. What a wonderful day in my life that has been ! Sarah
    responds to e mails, prays for and with you when you have certain concerns or life difficulties and teaches you so much . Thank you, Sweet Sarah, as I have fondly named you. I appreciate you !

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