Dear Sarah

Dear Sarah: On Book Pricing

Dear Sarah,

I noticed that your Amish Classic series fluctuates in price. I’m curious how authors set the pricing for their books and why they don’t just stay the same price (low, preferably).

Ellen M.

Amish Classic series
Dear Ellen,

Great question and one that I’m sure many readers (and aspiring authors) want to know the answer to. There are three types of published books:

Independent (or Self-Published) Books

Small “Press” Published

Traditionally Published

When an author self-publishes his or her book, they have a lot of flexibility in pricing. In this situation, the author does all of the publishing, marketing, editing, etc. for his or her own book.

When an author publishes through a small press, they are basically self-publishing with a “company” who will supposedly edit and market the book. Unfortunately, many of the “small press” publishers are people looking to make money off of an authors’ work without really knowing what they are doing, having contacts to market, or staff to properly edit. Buyer Beware on this one. Pricing is more flexible with this type of situation but in the hands of the “company” representing the book.

Traditionally published books are by real publishers who have staff, experience, real office buildings, and contacts to help authors be more successful. In these situations, the publisher manages the retail price for eBooks as well as the cost to retail outlets for physical copies (which impacts the retail price to buyers). The author has little control over this.

A perfect example is my Amish Classic series. First Impressions is now $2.34 on Amazon for the eBook.The other books in the series are also heavily discounted. I had no input on the pricing for those books. However, I’m sure happy that they are discounted for my readers.

There is nothing more that I like than to offer a great price on the books. 😀

Hugs and blessings,

Sarah P.

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