Dear Sarah

Dear Sarah: On Amish Weddings

Dear Sarah,

Is it true that most couples get married in November and December?

Tina H.

Amish Weddings

Dear Tina,

In our world, May and June seem to be the stereotypical months for weddings. However, non-Amish couples get married throughout the year. This is not the case with the Amish.

Traditionally, Amish couples married during the months of November and December for one very important reason: the harvest is finished and there is little work on the farm for farmers and their families. Of course, times are changing and today, Amish couples might get married during other months.

Weddings are usually held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, again for a very practical reason. Weekends are avoided so that the worship services are not disrupted. Additionally, it would be hard for families to prepare on for a Monday wedding since they cannot work on Sundays. By dedicating Tuesdays and Thursdays for weddings, that allows families a day in-between weddings to travel, if needed to attend multiple weddings during the month.

Some communities are also seeing an upsurge in early spring weddings, while others might see weddings in autumn. However, the beginning of October is usually not going filled with weddings as Amish communities have Council Meetings, Baptism, and Communion—all on different weeks. With so much going on, you can understand why Amish couples try to avoid those weeks…although it is not unheard of.

Thanks again for your question and I encourage other people to send their questions to me at

Hugs and blessings,

Sarah Price

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