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Creating a Community of Joy by Marilyn Luce Robertson

Hey, there!

I’m Marilyn Luce Robertson, and I love taking walks in the woods, finding the perfect word, and those super-deep belly laughs that make your sides ache and leave you breathless. And chocolate. I love that, too – especially dark chocolate. But, most of all, I love my 6-year-old little boy. The day he was born, God opened up a secret room in my heart that overflowed with a love unlike any I had ever experienced. *happy sigh*

After a few wrong turns and bumps in the road and living on both coasts as well as in the Midwest, I married my college sweet-heart – the dimpled, 6′ blonde who could always make me smile <3 We settled with our son, 2 cats and a dog in Southwest Missouri, where I became a “professional” writer.

Most days find me pretty busy with being a wife, a mommy, and a nearly full-time freelancer (then there’s that whole doing the laundry and cleaning the bathroom thing, but let’s not spoil the moment). I like to encourage people with my personal writing, sharing my experiences of making it to the other side of a variety of hardships which I like to jokingly refer to as life. One of my friends started teasing me several years ago by calling me a “Jerry Springer Reject.” She used to say that my life has taken so many unbelievable twists and turns that not even Jerry Springer would believe it. It always makes me laugh because sometimes I think she might be right!

God has brought me through a shopping list of troubles – poverty, a dysfunctional family, abuse, divorce, tragedy, loss, and grief. And, most recently, my son’s diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I can’t tell you the “why,” but I can tell you the “how.” The Joy of the Lord has been, and always will be, my strength.

And that brings me to Years ago, way before I ever heard of blogging, the idea of JoyGurls popped into my heart. At the time, I thought maybe it would be a book title (and, I guess that’s still possible), but I kept it tucked away until my good friend, Lisa Bull, and I were sitting around drinking coffee and talking about life. Cupcakes may or may not have been involved, but I digress.

We had been wanting to do something together, and had toyed with ideas like drinking coffee and vlogging, or eating and vlogging, or being silly in general and vlogging. Surprisingly, (cough), these ideas never came to fruition.

So, Lisa and I sat visiting this one night, and I shared a fledgling vision of JoyGurls with my friend, and the rest is history! We work together to make JoyGurls a community where women of all ages can come together to experience and embrace joy in the midst of, well, everything that life brings your way. From the mundanities of set-much-too-early alarm clocks, dirty dishes and carlines, to those life-changing events that threaten to destroy you — illness, personal loss, grief, broken relationships, or shattered dreams — it seems that there is so much of life that pulls and tears at our spirits.

But God has a solution. In His infinite mercy and love for us, He has provided a limitless source of power and strength. Something beautiful, inspiring, and divine.

He shares with us His joy.

Together, we hope to inspire you to embrace joy in the midst of whatever is going on in your life. During the good, the bad, and everything in between, know that you’re not alone. JoyGurls stick together!

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  1. this was so inspiring to me because some days you just can’t understand life but this lifts me up and I know that God is always with us please know I will pray for you and your little boy

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