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A Compliment from a Young Reader

Last week, I received a letter from a young fan and wanted to share it. I LOVE getting feedback from YOU, my loyal readers!

Dear Sarah Price:

I recently read your retold novel of Jane Austen, entitled ‘Sense and Sensibility.’ These were my genuine thoughts:

Having been acquainted with first-rate writer Jane Austen’s literary works as well as her unrecognized compositions, ‘Lady Susan’; ‘The Watsons’; fragmentary draft, ‘The Sandition’ – all splendid, exceptional and one-of-a-kind work of art and heart. Thus, it’s always been a challenge and a frightening attempt to retell such marvelously crafted works like of Jane Austen. Yet, you did an exemplary iterated novel!

I love everything about the novel – the few adapted words of your native language (for I’ve discover, a little, about certain foreign words); the Amish tongue; the dazzling book cover; the bearable and eloquence narration (which, I think, the one that regarded you as a best-selling Author of the Amish of Lancaster Series).

I consider some of my beliefs in conformity with Classicism. Thus, I’m a bit exasperated and find the storyline overdramatic and ‘out of line,’ just as like as the old ‘Sense and Sensibility.’ But after finishing the novel, I found myself in a sliding slope towards Romanticism. I’m delighted and became hasty of reading in consequence of my profound interest and curiosity to the whole context of the novel I’m absolutely enamored especially to the last chapter; my eyes were weeping of joy. Just simply persuading and absolutely clever adaptation! I love the new flavours you spattered into the pure water. Having been raised in a religious country, I felt cheerful with the laid down bible verses; it’s was like reading a bible but distinct in approach.

I read a little about your biography and saw all your published novels, and definitely looking forward reading those! I wish you good health, for you to write more and set more readers’ brushfires alight.

Have you read Sense and Sensibility? Let me know in the comments if you have and your thoughts about it!

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One thought on “A Compliment from a Young Reader

  1. I find it very satisfying to hear someone praise your work. I don’t often find the right words because I am emotionally proud of you also. Thank you for sharing this letter with your father and me. We know you Per born to ride. You are an exceptional storyteller. The only thing that excels your talent is your kind heart and the love that you were willing to share. Mom

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