Compared to Danielle Steel…WOW

Earlier this week, someone tweeted me the following URL:

As a lifelong reader of basically anything that has typed words and bound pages, I can assure you that I had my days of devouring Danielle Steel books. So, to see that Ms. English compared my books, Plain Fame, to Danielle Steel’s latest book…well, I can honestly say that I was speechless.

I’m not certain what it is about this book that has captured the hearts of so many readers…and NEW readers, too. I’ve heard from a lot of younger readers and Latino readers who have begun to discover Amish Christian Romances simply because of this book. For most of 2013, Plain Fame has held the coveted spot of #1 Bestseller in Christian Protestantism on, no mean feat for sure and certain…and a spot that truly humbles me. I might get teased about being a “Gucci Gal” on Facebook (danke Murray Pura, my friend) and Sunglass Queen (koff koff Pam, Sherri, and Susan), but I truly get that “pinch me” feeling whenever I see those words: #1 Bestseller.

The good news is that Plain Fame is NOT a standalone book. In a few days, the second book of the trilogy, Plain Change, will be released. My “pre-release” reviewers are telling me that I better get started on the third book in the trilogy because they are already eagerly anticipating what happens next with Alejandro and Amanda.

I hope all of you will enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Trust me, without everyone asking, demanding, and all but sending a mob with pitchforks and torches for it, I’d probably still be writing it! It was a fun book to write and I could have added two hundred more pages to the book. But that’s OK…those “stories” that I planned on adding to Plain Change are happily moving into the last book, Plain Again, which means that, too, shall be a nice, full story…perhaps even longer than Plain Change (which is weighing in at 355 pages/92000 words!).