Church Sunday

Tomorrow is church Sunday in the district of my Amish “roommate”, Katie S. I was planning on visiting Lancaster this weekend but had two obligations that hinder my journey.  So, unfortunately, I will be missing church with Katie S. and her Amish district this week.

Since I’m feeling poorly about missing church with Katie, I thought I would share one of my favorite Ausbund songs with everyone. I thought that might cheer me up…and you might enjoy it, too. In my mind, I will hear the sing-song chanting of Katie’s district while, in reading the words, I sure feel a power move within me. I hope you hear it, too!

Give yourself to Jesus Christ,

He will not forsake you,

Who is your Redeemer.

He knows all your needs,

He has also Himself experienced

Much pain and also death.

Through whom He redeems you,

His help He will send you,

His gracious comfort.

(Song 138 Verse 26-28)

Of course, in church, that would be sung in High German and probably take twenty minutes to sing. But what a glorious twenty minutes it would be!

Happy Sunday everyone!

3 thoughts on “Church Sunday

  1. Maybe you can make up for it next Sunday. I don’t like missing Church either. It helps get you through each week and makes you feel even closer to the Lord!

    1. Unfortunately, their next service is in TWO weeks and I sure hope I can get out there, Juanita. I miss the singing and now that I have my own Ausbund that I am studying….well, I’ll really excited to go back.

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