So tomorrow is Christmas.
It’s been a hard season for me. For many people…I liked a posting by Whoopie Pie Pam and thought I would share it here: 

It’s Christmas Eve.. as I quickly log onto FB this morning before heading to the store, I see so many posts of friends who are hurting this holiday season. It seems the devil is playing havoc on the season. He’s taken the Reason for The Season from so many hearts this year. So many are focused on the gifts they are giving instead of the gift they were given back many many years ago in that stable. The gift that later died on a cross for all our sins. The gift that keeps on giving. My heart breaks for so many of you. Your needs are heartbreaking. I wish with all my heart that I had a way of making it better for all of you! The only magic I have is prayer. God can heal all wounds. So, keep your eyes upward and seek him for all your needs. Seek that “His” will be done in your lives. I find it ironic this morning that, the one who can get us all through this holiday season is the one who is the real reason for the season. Happy Birthday Eve Jesus!!

Why are the holidays so stressful? Is it the expectations that society is continually putting upon us to out-do each other? Is it the removal of Christ from Christmas? Is it the world of business bombarding us with advertising for things we don’t really need to have but are told that we MUST have them?

Maybe it’s a bit of everything.

I have grown weary of hearing “I want…” around this time of year and then, after tomorrow, the famous “What did you get…?” questions.

So, here’s what *I* want for Christmas….

I want better values and morals for all people, not just myself. I want people to practice honesty and forgiveness as best as they can, knowing that deep down, none of us can ever be perfect and we are all sinners. We all make bad choices and decisions, say things that are out of line, get involved in other people’s business when we shouldn’t. I want to see less judgement when those moments do happen and more of an effort to prevent them from happening in the future.

I want more patience and stronger faith, for me and for others. I want the next generation to realize that having it all means eternal life, not Xbox, iPhones, and endless computer time without any responsibility around the house (and that includes MY children–hint hint). 

I want to focus on doing what I can to make other people happy without conditions attached to those “things” that I give and/or do…but it sure would be nice if other people did the same. Giving doesn’t have to be something put into a box. It can be as simple as putting a dish in the dishwasher, instead of the sink…offering to help sweep the floor instead of stepping over a dust bunny…stopping into the house to visit for a cup of coffee for fifteen minutes…going for a walk when the sun in shining…sharing a meal together on a dark winter night…sharing stories and laughing…THOSE are gifts…

Call me selfish. I want those things.

Hopefully I’ll be able to answer the “What did you get…?” question with the answer “Everything that I wanted.”

Merry Christmas!