Christmas Surprise #3: Meet Me in Heaven

Earlier this season, my friend, Ella Stewart (my co-author on Postcards with Abby) approached me about co-writing a Christmas novella, Meet Me in Heaven, that explores the balance between grief and survival. How can a young woman face the holidays when her husband has just passed away? Left with two small children, Madeline Delaney is at a loss on how to move forward and face Christmas alone. In a split decision, she risks everything and learns what is truly important at Christmas. A magical gift from God shows her the way.

I hope you enjoy this novella. It’s currently available on Amazon for $1.99. and paperback will be available within the next few days.  Whether you read it at Christmas or afterwards, it’s a sweet story that will restore your faith that there is, indeed, a reason for everything.

I hope you enjoy the story…



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