Christmas Surprise #2: Amish Circle Letters Volume 6

I suppose this one should NOT be a surprise. Perhaps the surprise is the number of people who have been emailing me and private messaging me on Facebook (, asking…no…DEMANDING to know where Volume 6 is! Well, wait no more, my wonderful readers and followers of the Fischer family! Volume 6 is now available!

In addition, I’m working as hard as I can to insure that BOTH Volume 8 and 9 are released this month. However, Amazon,, and are very busy places these days so I cannot make any promises.

In this volume, there is a change in Menno Yoder that gives Mary Ruth some hope that she might be able to return home soon, the only place she wants to be. Little Katie meets her new pony and shares the joy with Melvin. Rachel shares some family news with her sister Sylvia, Leah, and Anna. Finally, Steve makes a big investment for his future, one that he hopes will appeal to both Mimi Hostetler and her family.

If you haven’t caught up on all of the Circle Letters, time’s a wasting.  😀

Link to my author page on Amazon for easy reference to all of my books.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Surprise #2: Amish Circle Letters Volume 6

  1. I’m new to your books, and so far I LOVE them. I’m in the middle of “Plain Fame” and I’m reading it slowly because I don’t want to wait for the 2nd and 3rd books !!!!! I see they are to be available in 2013…..any more specific ????
    Also, the “Circle Letters” seem to be very popular but are they only out as e-books? I’m just not ready to move on to the new way of reading….I’m not sure I ever will…haha…Can’t wait for your reply !!!!!!!!

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