Christmas Surprise #2: Amish Circle Letters Volume 6

I reckon it shouldn’t be a surprise to you but it sure was to me! I cannot tell you how many readers contacted me, asking…no…DEMANDING…to know where Volume 6 of the Amish Circle Letters was!

Personally, I loved every message that I received. It told me that, indeed, the Amish Circle Letters series of short stories is loved by my readers. And that motivates me to work even harder to give you fantastic, authentic stories about the Amish and the characters that I have created.

So, without further ado, I announce Christmas Surprise #2…

Amish Circle Letters #6 is ready for your holiday pleasure!   Click here to buy on Amazon. 

And for a little holiday request, please consider leaving your feedback in the form of a review (and by clicking that LIKE button at the top of the Amazon listing for the book) to let me know what you thought. That, too, motivates me.  😉

Nook and Kobo will be available within another day or so.

P.S. I have MORE Christmas surprises in store for you but it won’t be every day (lol).  I’m not SuperWriterWoman!  <3

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