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Christmas 2015 Secret Sister Giveaway

I am excited for the release of Secret Sister: An Amish Christmas Tale on October 6th. Let’s celebrate!

Is there someone special that you would like to be a secret sister to? Now is your chance. One lucky reader will win a basket full of goodies for themselves AND one for a friend!

A few of the items include:

• Real Amish headscarf (hunter green)
• Devotional
• Four Amish Recipe Cards
• Candle
Amish and Mennonite Holidays By Sarah Price
• Sarah Price wristband
• Additional Surprises


After years of giving of herself to her family and community, Grace Beiler, an elderly Amish woman, faces her first Christmas since losing her husband of fifty years to his battle with cancer. With her children grown and moved onto different communities, Grace is feeling more than a little depressed.

She begins to reflect upon her own life and wonder if she has properly fulfilled her promise to be a servant of God. As Christmas draws near and her depression becomes stronger, she starts receiving little gifts in the mail and left on her doorstep. She realizes that she has a “secret sister,” but has no idea who it might be, for each gift seems to relate to a different event in her life. Each gift causes her to reflect and remember important moments. Just when she thinks she might have figured out who the secret sister is, a new gift arrives with a different meaning.

Secret Sister can be purchased through Amazon|Barnes&Noble|CBD and local bookstores.

4 thoughts on “Christmas 2015 Secret Sister Giveaway

  1. I would really love to win this book along with the other items. I have always been fascinated with the Amish. I love reading all of your books and if the friend would be my Aunt who also loves to read books about the Amish.

  2. I would love this Sarah! I am addicted (in a good way) to your books and something as special as this would really make my day!

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