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Celebrating the Pesach

I have to tell you that I had such an amazing evening last night, celebrating the Pesach at the house of my dear friend, Iris Kadosh. Despite running late (which I will continue to blame my husband, even if Iris gave me that look), we made it to their beautiful with just 30 seconds until official sunset.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited before. I suppose enough time has passed and they forgot how Cat cried about how hungry she was and Alex sat red faced between two very lovely girls (well, that WAS four years ago).

I love this holiday and celebrating it with my friends. Last night, there were well over 25 people, some of them from France, Italy, Morocco, Israel, and, of course, America. Many different religions sat at the table and everyone was warmly received by our host and hostess.


One of the other things that I love about this holiday and celebrating it with my friends is how it is all about tradition. Raffi, Iris’s husband, printed out a letter from a very important Rabbi that discussed this very thing. People all around the world were celebrating the same holiday, the remberance of the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt, at the very same time: sunset. The words spoken, whether in English, French, Italian, or Hebrew, were the same and in the same sequence.

I love listening to the readings in Hebrew and the singing which reminded me of the Amish worship services. Listening to the beautiful language of Israel just transforms to another place. I can just shut my eyes and feel as if I am there at the Last Supper when Jesus and his disciples celebrated Passover in Jerusalem.

Such an amazing evening and, as always, an endless stream of food: pulled beef, chicken, artichokes with meatballs, matzo soup, matzah bread, vegetables, couscous…. No one went hungry, that was for sure and certain. And, Iris even made the most delicious chocolate cake…without flour! She promised to send me the recipe so, I’ll share it when she does.

It was a great evening. I love all of her friends who have become a second family to me when holidays roll around. If you are ever honored enough to be invited to celebrate the Pesach, I encourage you to not hesitate and say YES!

It is truly an experience that makes me feel closer to God and Jesus. It will change you in a way as you realize that you are seeing a tradition…a real tradition…that has survived thousands of years and of a religious significance to all of us.

So, despite having been ALMOST late, I will begin pleading my case with Iris NOW for next year. 😉

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