Cave Tubing in Belize

If you ever wanted an argument for God, just spend some time in nature.

Today, I took my children cave tubing in Belize. My children…total techno geeks who live for gaming (and horses — Cat). I’m sure they had no idea what to do and I think one of them sighed when I told them to get in the car.

But they went along with me, no matter how reluctantly.

Sarah Price and Cat Zimmerman

We hiked about thirty minutes into the jungle and then floated on inner tubes down a river and through a very long and dark cave. We wore helmets on our heads with little lights to provide some break from the darkness.

But the shadows that reflected from the water and the water that dripped from the stalactites made any already eerie experience even more creepy and scary.

At one point, a hole in the side of the cave wall hinted at the beautiful green jungle beyond the underground water where we floated. And when we emerged out of the cave, the brilliant canopy of trees and vines that greeted us were trumped only by turquoise blue river water.

I wondered if this was like the Garden of Eden. If so, why couldn’t Eve leave the fruit from the tree of good and evil? Why did we get banished? Because let me tell you…I could sit on a rock with my feet in the cool river and watch the birds in the trees forever.

Instead, I will return to NJ and the stress of everyday life. Like Eve, I’ll see what life should be–simple, calm, easy–and leave it for the “real” world which is really nothing more than people racing toward the finish line instead of living life.

I find this compelling “proof” (if anyone really needs it) of the power of God and the truth of Scripture. The more cultured and sophisticated we think we become, the further removed we are from what goodness God originally offered us. Taste the fruit and see what God tried to shield us from or leave the fruit and enjoy all that is good.

This trip has showed my children what a life is without the forbidden fruit. Now, what they do with this new knowledge is up to them. I hope it changes them for the better. I hope that God’s creation seen here in the jungle of Belize moves them the way it has moved me.

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2 thoughts on “Cave Tubing in Belize

  1. People who are born in a so called sophisticated environment usually can not imagine another reality. When my colleagues at work heard that I was going to Israel, they advised me not to go as poolside margaritas in some resort was so much more fun. There is always longing in my soul…Endless margaritas are not it.

    1. I LOVED ISRAEL! You are going to have so much fun and, frankly, they are more sophisticated than any country I have ever visited…and I’ve been to A LOT…You will have fun in Israel and do try to go to Masada! It’s fabulous and worth the journey!

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