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Cat’s Away and the Horses Will Play

It’s been one week since she left and all is chaos.

She’s in Colorado, working with Mustang Maddy. I’m so happy that she has this amazing opportunity, but I can assure you that she will NOT be traveling again soon. 😉

Working on the ranch is really hard. Add the sweltering humidity and heat…it’s a recipe for stress. Yesterday was a mustang-poolza party here with mustangs escaping their paddocks, running around, and then relocating themselves in different paddocks. It happened because I was getting hay blocks into their pens. Cat and I have a system down. Without Cat here, things didn’t go so smoothly.

One of the things that I am increasingly realizing is why Amish people have so many children, especially on a farm. Life would be so much easier if I had a few more children under my roof. Between haying, watering, feeding grain, cutting grass, fixing fences, dragging fields, and replenishing inventory of food and supplements, there’s enough work here for multiple Cats and Sarahs.

CZ Mustangs Horses

I know that a lot of people make comments about the large Amish families. Of course, because they don’t believe in birth control, that contributes to larger families. But they also like to have big families because of the extra hands to work and hearts to love.

And what a great upbringing for those children. I wish more American families raised their kids closer to the earth. Humble schooling, loving families, and outdoor labor definitely help keep children on track for being better humans. There are less distractions because you simply cannot take off a day or be lazy when you have a farm or ranch.

The morals of today’s generation is increasingly disintegrating. Entitlement abounds and political correctness is overflowing. Recently, an award was stripped from Laura Ingalls Wilder because she wrote about a blackface scene in one of her books. I don’t understand that. Ignoring or pretending such things happened 100 years ago is just foolish. I’m just glad that she is not here to know about that. Likewise, the issue of compensating the descendants of slaves is another ridiculous concept. My family didn’t own slaves…in fact, we fought to END slavery. If the government votes to compensate people for the enslavement of their ancestors, I think they should compensate people whose mothers and grandmothers and great-grandmothers were not allowed to vote and were denied equal rights. That seems fair, doesn’t it?

[ANSWER: No, that’s just as ridiculous]

It seems like so many people are overly focused on the past injustices while also looking for current ones to complain about. If more people spent their free time working hard to help neighbors or raise their own food, they wouldn’t have time to keep stirring the pot of society.

So, even though it’s hard work, I’m glad that I’m living a more plain life these days. Things that I thought were so important in the past are looking less important with each passing day. Instead, I’m focused on caring for our animals, our property, our neighbor (we only have one…lol). It’s probably as close to Amish as I’ll ever get, but I’m okay with that. I’m a happier person because of it.

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