What an Author Earns…#rant

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Warning: If you are a sensitive person and easily offended by things that are not what you want to know, do NOT read this.  On Tuesday, my latest release, Carolyn’s Quilt dropped on Amazon. Now, let it be known that I LOVE Amazon. I LIVE by Amazon…I order almost everything from Amazon, except food. Amazon […]

Rainy Days

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I’m sitting outside, waiting for the sun to rise and listing to coyotes “bark” in the distance. Our rooster us starting to crow—he’s up early, too. Rain is dripping from the leaves overhead and everything is a bluish black color. It suits my mood. Weve has a string of rainy days…no, weeks. And I don’t […]

The Amish of Lancaster

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It always amazes me how one family can have multiple children from the same parents and yet, each child grows into completely different individuals. In my own family, my two children are as different as night and day. One loves animals, knows her future goals, and works day and night on achieving them. The other […]