Kill the Old, Embrace the New

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You can imagine how my eyes popped out of my head when the preacher at church started talking about murder. Whoa! I thought. What’s going on here???? Murder is not something you expect to hear discussed in church, that’s for sure and certain. However, I can assure you that my preacher wasn’t talking about physical […]

The Sin of Entitlement

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Today at church, the pastor’s sermon started out on a topic that I was very interested in: the demise of society. Unfortunately, he took it in a different direction and I sat there on the bench, feeling disappointed. Not necessarily in his sermon—for what he said was about having faith in God and God delivers […]

Opinions are like onions… they stink

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That doesn’t mean I don’t like onions. But I pick and choose when I eat onions. I certainly don’t want onion breath if I’m going to a book signing or speaking before a group of readers or writers. These days, the media is so full of opinions that I’m fairly convinced they ALL eat onions! […]

When You Wake Up Not Alone

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So. After driving 20+ hours, I arrived in Florida ready to hit the hay. It’s always sad to go to bed here in Florida when Marc is back in NJ. Even when he snores, I just like knowing he’s there. When I snore, I’m sure he feels the same way about me, too. 😄 But […]

Getting Robbed

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So last week, our house in New Jersey was robbed. In 22 years, I had only been robbed once and that was by a Sears contractor (beware of workers in your house!). This was a full-blown robbery. I suppose I should be more upset by this. They stole almost all of my jewelry, a laptop, […]