My Church is a “Joke”

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Imagine my surprise when I learned this at worship service yesterday. Yes, people think my church is a “joke.” At first, I thought I misheard the pastor. Had he really said that? Or had he said “Job”? That, of course, didn’t make sense either. Of course, my hearing isn’t always so great, plus the Southern […]

Faith in the Era of Selfish Sin

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I wrote a blog on Amish Fiction Authors about the Tomato Patch series and how the main character, Priscilla Smucker, has to keep faith in God when dealing with the mean-spirited Susie Byler who wants nothing more than to ruin Priscilla’s life. Recently, I had a situation at our farm in Florida. A man (who […]

Can You Imagine An Amish Person…

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…paying for their child to get into college? Clearly not, especially since most Amish children only go to school until the 8th grade. The current situation with the “rich” and “privileged” paving the path to better chances of success are so predictable and so indicative of what is wrong with our society. Entitlement. Helicopter Parents. […]