Fly in the Ointment

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When you have horses, you inevitably have flies. For the past two weeks, I’ve been battling with two lingering pests that will.not.die. Now, that might sound really cruel, but they are in my house and landing all over the place. Like gerbils, two flies will quickly equal two hundred. So I have been on the […]

Plain Fame Audio Book Giveaway

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We had a wonderful first live stream book discussion on Plain Fame. I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Two attendee’s won ten dollar Amazon gift cards which we will do again at the next chat. We will be discussing Plain Change, on Wednesday, October 21st at 8:30 p.m. Mark your […]

All About Secret Sister

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Such an exciting week! Not only did the Waterfall team re-release the Plain Fame series and we had an amazing two day book launch ( YOUTUBE), but on October 6th, my first traditionally published Christmas book, Secret Sister, is being released by Realms (an imprint of Charisma). Admittedly, it’s hard for me to get into […]

Plain Fame: Who Wants Fame Anyway?

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It’s a funny question that, at some time or another, we have probably asked ourselves or even others: which would you prefer—wealth or fame? OK, ok, I know the politically correct answer is “health and happiness.” Unfortunately, Amanda Beiler did not have much of a choice. For Amanda, fame finds her. What would you do […]

Youth Mustang Challenge

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So, tomorrow is the big day. For those of you have who have been following me, you will know that this weekend is the Youth Mustang Challenge in Massachusetts and that means that my daughter, Cat, is performing with her two-year-old mustang, Comancheria or Monche for short. It’s been a long 90 days that started […]