You Better Belize It

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Belize. Over a month away from home and I can hardly believe that we are back. And to snow. Yuck. Already I am missing Belize. Parts of it, anyway. When I used to teach in Manhattan, I always told my students that traveling to another country (or even another state) is the best education possible. […]

Little Noises

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Do you ever really listen to little noises? The crinkle of a candy wrapper. The shuffle of bare feet. The whistle of pursed lips. The slam of kitchen cabinets. If you haven’t stopped to listen to these noise, try it. Better yet, maybe you shouldn’t. You see, I’ve noticed something. People make weird noises. Little […]

I Could Live Here

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I could live here. That’s all. Here, in the jungle. Scary noises, yucky spiders, angry ants, camouflage alligators. Don’t care. They are entitled to be here. Like me, they serve a purpose. God’s purpose. Marc and I chose Belize for a reason. He was thinking we could retire here. We decided to check it out. […]

The Beauty of God

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A monkey is stretched out on a tree, his tail curled around the branch and his arms and legs dangling. His little face is resting in the Y of the tree. One leg swings like a naughty child in a chair that is too big for him. And the branch sways back and forth, much […]