What we can learn from the Amish in regard to the Refugee Ban

God. Family. Community.

That’s how they prioritize. In that order.

What we can learn from the Amish in regard to the Refugee Ban

While I do not profess to being an expert in anything (who really can be an expert–there is always something to learn), I do have an opinion that is based on research as well as my own personal beliefs.

Over the weekend, the media was in an uproar about President Trump’s Executive Order with the TEMPORARY ban on refugees from seven countries that are, apparently, breeding grounds for terrorism. Not surprisingly, media sources report conflicting information. In 24 hours, one Huffington Post article said that the order banned Syrian refugees “indefinitely”, a Wall Street Journal article said “120 days”, and a CNN article said the ban on Syrian refugees was both “temporary” and “indefinitely” in the same article.

People cannot trust the media.

Read the Executive Order. TEMPORARY is stated numerous times. 120 days is clearly used as the time frame for reimplementation of a new system to vet refugees in order to protect existing Americans and those residing in our country from incoming radical Islamics from those seven countries. The Order clearly states that the intention is not to deny refugees indefinitely but to determine “… what additional procedures should be taken to ensure that those approved for refugee admission do not pose a threat to the security and welfare of the United States, and shall implement such additional procedures.”

Democrats such as Adam Schiff, the Senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee claims that this plays into the Al Qaeda and ISIS narrative that the West does not want Muslims. Even anti-Trump GOP Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska claims that this sends a message to our children that Americans are banning Muslims. Hogwash! That’s just their self-serving spin–there are approximately 50 Muslim countries in the world…43 of which are NOT on that ban!

Now, critics will ask how many terrorist attacks happened on US soil and where did the people come from? Not surprisingly, their response is ZERO. However if you research how many terrorist attacks were THWARTED since 9/11 and look at the information regarding country-of-origin for THOSE suspects, you start to see the big picture. And, remember, those are attacks that were thwarted and we know about. How many do we NOT know about? Surely the CIA does not share ALL of their TOP SECRET information–of course, that’s speculation on my part, but I bet I’m correct.
Many media outlets are claiming that this order is fundamentally reshaping America’s course in the world. I argue that is short-sighted and very convenient for those who forgot about 9/11. Al Qaeda and ISIS did that. Go back and read the 9/11 Commission Report if you really want to point fingers as to the root cause of this War on Terrorism. You might be surprised at the answer.

The bottom line is that this Refugee Order is not pleasant, especially for those caught in the crossfire. However, Trump campaigned about doing this so it should not come as a surprise to anyone. And as ugly as it is to ban refugees from safety, we need to realize that the Trump Administration is doing this for one main reason: the protect Americans before we start protecting others. It is not INDEFINITE but only until the process is fixed and can ensure the safety of Americans and the existing residents on our soil.

Frankly, I find no fault in that. For now, anyway. You see, I want to be able to protect my right to worship God, protect my family, and live in a safe community. Just like the Amish. Only then can I feel secure in helping others.

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