Bring on the holidays in Amish style!

Let’s face it. 2020 has been a tough year. I believe it’s safe to say that ALL of us are ready for Christmas. Lights, trees, big red bows, pretty packages, and lovely music. Personally, I’m working on several piano tunes and binge watching Hallmark-y Christmas movies to lighten my mood.

Sarah Price, An Amish Christmas with FriendsSo, I’m happy to remind everyone that my new Christmas anthology, An Amish Christmas with Friends, is releasing next week.  Only .99 cents for the ebook.

There’s no Christmas like one spent in Amish country. This year, the Twelve Days of Christmas will have a new meaning for you with this holiday anthology. Twelve Christmas stories, one for each day, to uplift your spirit and touch your heart.

An Amish Christmas with Friends is like taking a buggy ride along snowy roads as you visit different farmhouses and families in Lititz, Gibbons, Blue Mill, and Clearwater. Reunite with some of your old friends and get to know some new ones in this delightful anthology by Sarah Price (along with some of her most memorable characters).

From school pageants to cookie swaps, there’s always something heartwarming when Sarah Price crafts a holiday tale. Take a peek in the window of the Diazes’ farmhouse and see what Amanda and Alejandro are doing this Christmas season. Catch up with Samuel and Mary Ruth Lapp from Valley of Hope as their daughter, Amelia struggles with her friend, Sofia Diaz who is making an unusual demand for Christmas. See how Lizzie is coping with returning to Blue Mill and her mother’s antics.

Meet some new families from the Gibbons Amish Community: Lovina Yoder, Martha Stoltzfus, Barbara Riehl, and Elizabeth Yoder. You’ll meet them again, too, in the upcoming weekly “soap opera” series, Fruits of the Spirit.

Gather around the table and listen to their stories, hear their songs, and taste their food as Sarah Price brings you right into the homes of her most loved Amish characters throughout the years.

Includes six new novellas, three previously published novellas, and three excerpts from Christmas novels in eBook and print. Also includes recipes and hymns. Over 500 pages of Christmas delight. eBook is available now for preorder and the paperback will be released in time to order for Christmas.

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