Annie’s Quilt: The Amish Quilts of Indiana

Annie’s Quilt: The Amish Quilts of Indiana

Once again, Sarah Price, best-selling author of over 40 novels since 2010, entertains her readers with fun, uplifting romances centered in the Amish community of Shipshewana, Indiana. This new series of novellas focuses on a group of young ladies as they try to find the loves of their lives.

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About the Book

Annie Bontrager loves working part-time at the fabric shop in Shipshewana, Indiana. In fact, if her parents hadn’t needed so much help on the farm, Annie would have preferred nothing more than to help other people select fabrics for their quilt patterns every day. That is, until Carolyn Miller strolls in, eager to choose fabric for her very own wedding quilt. Annie hadn’t even known Carolyn was courting anyone, never mind getting married. And when she finds out through the Amish grapevine, that Carolyn’s betrothed to Adam Troyer, she can’t believe such an odd match is even possible.

Despite tradition, Annie has her own ideas about what type of man she would consider marrying, and it’s not a farmer. That’s for sure and certain. But, despite her firm conviction to follow her head, her heart tells her otherwise when she meets Gideon Byler.

Is it possible that her determination, to stand firm on her convictions, will get in the way of true love?

About the Author
Sarah Price

Ms. Price always knew that she wanted to be a writer. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, she now writes full-time from her thirty-acre horse ranch in Archer, Florida where her daughter, Cat, trains wild mustangs. The simpler pace of life living on her farm in northern Florida reminds Ms. Price of her upbringing in a Mennonite family as well as the many years that she spent living among the Amish communities in Pennsylvania beginning in 1978 until she moved to Florida.

During the early 1700s, the Preiss family arrived in America aboard an old sailing vessel called the Patience. The family left Europe, escaping Catholic persecution for their Anabaptist beliefs. Sarah Price comes from a long line of devout Mennonites, including numerous church leaders and ministers throughout the years. Her involvement with the Amish dates back to 1978 when her Mennonite grandparents took her to Lancaster County. Her writing reflect accurate and authentic stories based upon her own experiences with several Amish communities.

Ms. Price holds advanced degrees in Communication (MA), Marketing (MBA), and Educational Leadership (PhD). She is also an ordained minister.

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ECPA Christian Fiction Bestsellers: First Impressions (June 2014, July 2014), Second Chances (October 2015), Secret Sister (December 2015), Sense & Sensibility (March 2016)

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