Book Giveaway #2

OK everyone…I’m going to pull the name for the second book giveaway on Saturday at noon!  Make certain that you have commented to the Book Giveaway page (see navigation menu above) and befriended me on Facebook.  🙂

Fields of Corn will be given to one lucky winner…two if a lot of people enter.  Looking forward to announcing the lucky winners!!!!

0 thoughts on “Book Giveaway #2

  1. I wonder if someday your books might come out in audio…I am hand quilting today, be a nice book to “listen to” wanna come over and read aloud to me 🙂 ha ha.

  2. I would love to win your book. I hope you dont mind that i put one of your Amish picture for my timeline picture.( If you dont want me to use the picture let me know and I will take it off.) I love to read about the amish. and like the amish pictures. I also share your your contest link on my FB page.I like finding new amish authors to read .

  3. I have always been interested in Amish life and culture…. due to living in Britain it is not easy to hear or find information about, one day I hope to go to America and see for myself. I hope to read your book and I am very pleased to find you when I typed in Amish. Thank you. Well done with all your hard work Sarah.


  4. I have read MANY books about the Amish–and grew up amongt them in Ohio. I would be happy to read a couple more. How can i get them? Jan Yoder

  5. I just accepted your friend request & would love to read one of your books as Amish stories are my favorite. 🙂

  6. I sent you a friend request Sarah. I am looking forward to reading your books and would like to enter your contest. We are frequent visitors to Lancaster and I enjoy reading about the Amish. Thank you.

  7. Hi I love reading your books. I would love to join your giveaway and I am following your page and have you on FB. Thank you for this opportunity. I love the Amish and how they live. So clean
    Tamara Janssen

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