Book Giveaway #2 Winners

Congratulations to the FOUR winners of my first book giveaway! 

  • Sandi Coughlin
  • Karen Schulz
  • Dianna Bupp
  • Karen Verran

That’s right. Instead of just one book, four lucky readers won!  It’s so much fun giving away books and goodies to my friends and fans!  So, I’ll be having more giveaways…most likely some Amish jams or crafts when I start spending weekends on the Amish farm this spring and summer!  Be certain to friend me on Facebook ( I’ll be announcing upcoming contests there! 🙂

0 thoughts on “Book Giveaway #2 Winners

  1. Congrats to Sandi Coughlin, Karen Schulz, Dianna Bupp & Karen Verran.. You are so lucky to win one of her wonderful books.

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