BIG Announcement :-)

In a few weeks, Helping Hands Press will begin publishing a new series that I’m writing called Amish Circle Letters. As many of you may know (or not), the Amish do not have access to computers and certainly do not use social media. My readers often ask me how the Amish stay in touch with each other since they don’t use computers. Can you imagine???  The concept of being technology-free seems so foreign to us since, with the click of a button, we can send short little updates about our lives to all of our Internet-connected friends.

Well, the answer is simple: Circle Letters. One person starts the letter and mails it with a list of names/addresses to the first person on the list. That person reads the letter, adds her own (yes, it’s typically written by the females), and sends the package to the next person on the list who repeats the process. When the package returns to the original sender, there are many letters with updates about the lives of friends, family, and the community. The process gets repeated

Amish Circle Letters will be published in volumes with each volume costing only 99 cents. I am very excited to be working with Helping Hands Press, whom most of you are familiar with from having read Karen Anna Vogel’s books ( ). If you haven’t read her series and novels, I encourage you to do so! She’s a wonderful author of Amish fiction…truly gifted and very knowledgeable about the Amish culture.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress but, in the meantime, happy reading!



12 thoughts on “BIG Announcement :-)

      1. OMG…Oh My Goodness….When do you “guesstimate” your book will be available on Amazon??? Looking forward to that !!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Sarah, this is really exciting! I have a dear friend who is a quilter and author. Several years ago she wrote a book called The Amish Circle Letter featuring the letters that you are writing about. In her book she also included a large collection of Amish quilt designs. That was her first published book, and since then she has gone on to write several more books with quilt designs, but I’ve always found her first one featuring hose wonderful Amish circle letters so special. I’m really looking forward to your new series!

    1. I am also very interested in this Amish storyline. For some reason I prefer “printed” books. Sounds weird, I know, and a little old-fashioned….Tracey

  2. Funny Story……I was browsing thru a “traditional” bookstore awhile ago, when the cutest little boy approached me. He said “Mrs, Mam”…he obviously had been taught manners…”My Mommy has that book, but she reads it on a machine. You look to old to carry around heavy books” CUTE….CUTE….CUTE….

    1. LOL I “too” may be too old to carry around “real” books. But that is the only way I have of reading. Don’t have a tablet etc and honestly don’r want one. And don’t want to read them on my PC here either. Just love my real books.And yes that child was taught manners and obviously uses them. Good for him and parents

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