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Best Kept Secret (Apparently) of August 2017

Let’s Take a Quiz!

Question #1: “Do you love to read?”

Raise your hands if the answer is yes! But I bet I know the answer. If you are reading this blog, you are a reader and chances are that you love to read.

Question #2 “Do you love good deals?”

Another easy one. Keep those hands raised because, frankly, who DOESN’T love a good deal!

Question #3: “Do you know anyone who suffered from cancer?”

Bet all of your hands are still raised. Ouch.

(you can lower your hands now)

the-faded-photoIn May 2017, my first women’s fiction book, The Faded Photo, was published by Waterfall Press. Unlike my other novels that are centered in Amish country, this book deals with a subject that is much more realistic and probably hits far too close to home.

However, The Faded Photo isn’t just about cancer. It’s about families. Dysfunctional families with the woman at the center, trying to hold it all together.

Did you read An Empty Cup? Rosanna Troyer may be an Amish woman, but she is no different than you and me. In fact, every week I receive numerous emails or messages from people who are definitely not Amish but say, “I am Rosanna.” Unfortunately, *I* beg to differ because *I* am Rosanna.

No wait… ALL of us are Rosanna.

You see, Rosanna’s family is dysfunctional, too. And she suffers from depression because of it. Does that sound familiar?

My family is dysfunctional. We are not unique, but very few people actually admit that their family is dysfunctional. So I will admit it. It has been dysfunctional for a long, long time and, frankly, my family is no different than most families. People try to hide their dysfunctionalism, pretending that they have a perfect family while everyone else’s suffers. But the truth is that I highly doubt ANY family doesn’t have some dysfunctional quirks to it.

In The Faded Photo, Frances Snyder is just like Rosanna Troyer in that regard. She, too, has a very dysfunctional family. But everyone moves around as if things are just peachey-keen. And then something happens: Frances is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with a major illness will probably relate to this. When I was diagnosed, I did my best to make certain that life went on as normal as possible. Some people really went out of their way to support me. I truly learned who my real friends are, that’s for sure and certain. But a few people surprised me with their complete lack of private support while publicly claiming to be the most supportive of all.

Now, imagine that no one supports you during such an illness. What if everyone was so completely self-absorbed that they didn’t even notice you were sick at all?!!

Sounds a little like Rosanna with her depression. No one noticed it. At least not until they could no longer deny it anymore. That’s the same situation with Frances.

So you see, The Faded Photo is very similar to An Empty Cup. The main difference is that Frances Snyder doesn’t wear a prayer kapp and she drives a car. But she faces the same problems that most of us–including Rosanna Troyer–face: issues with family and overcoming feeling invisible to others.

Now, the good news. Waterfall Press has a great end-of-summer sale on The Faded Photo. The Kindle Version is $1.99 until the end of the month.

Don’t have a Kindle? No problem. You can read it on your laptop using their free eReader or purchase the paperback version for $7.24. And if you prefer using the library, ask them to order it for you. And, if you love audio books, it is available in CD format or for

I look forward to reading your reviews on the book.

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