Barn, Blog, and Book Club

After the tragic death of my dear Coco, I’m trying to move along…move forward. It’s hard, but it must be done. Just before she tragically died on February 1st, I started to write this announcement regarding what I’m calling my Barn, Blog, and Book Club. So, taking a deep breath and diving in, I’m going to take a step forward in the hopes of moving past my grief.

The Announcement

As many of you know, I run a wild mustang sanctuary at our 50-acre ranch in Alachua County, Florida. I call it the “real” Florida because it’s mostly old-time Floridians, not transplants–although we are transplants. Towns have dirt roads and generational families. You’re known by which church you belong to, not the country clubs. It’s definitely my kind of community.

Anyway, we fund our mustang rescue out of pocket. Feeding so many horses, burros, dogs, cats, etc. gets expensive. So, I started brainstorming with a few people and we came up with some ideas. The Barn, Blog, and Book Club was one of them.

For my readers who are so inclined to donate on a recurring basis (monthly or annually), I will provide a deeper and content-rich experience including a monthly Zoom Book Club meetings, newsletters, sneak peeks at upcoming book reviews, online serial novels provided through my password protected website, monthly mailings to your home (including a recipe, signed farm photo, and a letter about what has been going on in my world), newsletter, and other fun blog postings that are exclusive to members-only.

People can choose to sign up for just the Book Club or just the Blog Club, if they do not wish to sign up for the entire package. Additionally, people can gift Annual Memberships (perfect for upcoming Valentine’s Day!). All proceeds for the Barn, Blog, and Book Club will be donated to CZ Mustangs Rescue & Sanctuary so you will be helping our mustangs, burros, piggies, goat, cow, chickens, ducks, dogs, and cats! What a better way to help animals and stay connected with one of your favorite authors of Amish fiction–ME!

I’m especially excited about this as it helps me stay connected with my avid fans via my website...not social media which I think we can all agree is becoming increasing complicated these days with censorship and spam.

How to Join

It’s really easy to join the Barn, Blog, and Book Club. Simply click the JOIN link in the menu above and select which type of membership you’d like to subscribe. You can donate the appropriate amount of money via PayPal (and no, you do not have to use PayPal, just a regular credit card will do). Create a username and password (to manage your membership) and you will have instant access to the Blog, Book Club, and/or other benefits as selected. It’s that easy.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to email me at  I hope you will consider joining. I’m excited for our first Book Club later this month.