Back to Lancaster…

I’m headed back to Lancaster in a few short days. My writer’s retreat. I will be wrapping up three short stories and doing one final glance over of the Hope Chest so it will be a time of writing and reflection with just a little bit of visiting. ;-D

While I’m there, I will be stopping in at the “Fisher” residence. I saw them just two weeks ago but did not get to spend a lot of time. I want to visit with Anna and little Katie to see how the ponies are doing. Hopefully, I will run into Steve and Mimi who are certain to be nearby since they only leave down the lane. I’ll leave you wondering about Menno and Mary Ruth. 😉

These characters in my serial books, Amish Circle Letters, may have come to life for you but each character is based on one or more individuals that I personally know. Of course they are embellished a little bit. The books are fiction after all. Yet, you can take comfort in knowing that the Amish facts presented in the book are authentic and based upon my own experiences…twenty-five+ years worth…in Lancaster County.

When you read a Sarah Price book, that’s what pours out: the culture AND the religion of the Amish. It’s my great honor to publish each book and, when I read those reviews and blurbs about what you enjoyed, it just motivates me even more to continue writing. Not everyone will like what I write. I’m well aware of that. But I sure am grateful that hundreds of thousands of readers have enjoyed my works in just 2012 alone. Thank you.

When I return to Lancaster this weekend, it is for you that I watch the flutter of the clothes line, the cows in the fields, and buggies travel down the winding roads.

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Volume 9 and 10 will both be released over the next four weeks.