Back on Facebook Proper!

Good news everyone!  My original Facebook account and FB page ( have been restored to me!

I cannot thank everyone enough for helping me (emotionally, spiritually, etc.) while I was “suspended” because of the bully. For those who were not aware, my account was suspended because another “Amish author” said I was not authentic. Without any warning, I lost complete access to my page and my account. It took me two weeks of emails, phone calls, complaining, filling out forms, faxing identification, etc. and suddenly, today, VOILA! It’s back.

So much for being inauthentic, thank you very much!

I have unpublished the new page that I just created (b/c someone at FB told me my account was gone forever but…apparently not). However, this is not a bad thing. Just this morning, FB warned me that I was reported for sending SPAM messages through my page…so, once again, the bully was after me. Interestingly enough, I had only sent about six messages out (thanking people who messaged me) so I have a fairly good idea which account “reported” me as spam…obviously a fake account.

This is the dark side of writing x 10! But, it doesn’t matter now!  We are back in business and now I can post more of my pictures from Israel AND my treks to Lancaster County!

Now…let us move on!  🙂
After all, I have books to write and YOU have books to read.


7 thoughts on “Back on Facebook Proper!

  1. so very glad you are back, and that FB restored your account. And how very sad that the bully masquerading as an Amish author is still trying so hard to build him/herself up by attacking another. I guess we can only rest in the knowledge that one day, that person will have to justify their actions to God….and it won’t be a nice discussion or a a positive outcome..

  2. Wonderful!!! So happy you got your account on Facebook back. I do hope this person who is bullying you, will give up and leave you alone. And I agree completely with Karen Schulz comment about that person having to answer to God for he/she bullying you.

  3. glad you are back and that after all this you still want to write. Will be praying for you and for the bully since that is the Amish way, hope some day he/she will ask for your forgiveness. Can’t wait for more books that I can put on my kindle, ran out of room for real ones at home.

  4. I can not understand why people are so mean to others, glad to have you back hope they leave you alone this time.

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