Baby, it’s cold outside….

I was outside this morning and realized that’s it just plain old cold today! I decided that today is the perfect day to finish decorating the house (Christmas party next week…fa la la), stoking up a nice fire in one of the fireplaces, and writing. What could be more perfect?

I’m not a winter person. I tend to hibernate. Snow? Bleech. Cold? Yuck. Grey skies? Boo hoo hoo.

It’s this time of year when the realization hits me that, indeed, summer is over and I have a good four months…maybe five…until warm weather returns to my neck of the woods. This is the first year that I’ve spent so much time in Lancaster during the winter months. I’m not certain why. So, I’ll have new stories to tell, new aspects to the culture to observe, and hopefully new friends to meet. But I’m still nostalgic for warm weather.

When I’m in Lancaster, I’m not used to seeing my friends bundled up with layers of dark clothing. I’m used to barefoot children and short-sleeved dresses. I’m used to bareheaded children and barnyards of baby animals. I’m used to great, green fields of growing corn and hay.

So, I started looking through my photos, enjoying a reminder of the past season and I found this little gem of a photo. I thought I’d share it with you so that you, too, could reflect back on summer past and start planning for summer future:
(and before anyone comments, YES, I had both her AND her father’s permission…)

Happy LIttle Girl by Sarah Price

4 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside….

  1. Will be finishing my inside house decorations today too. Also have several birthday cards to get done & mailed out today. I tend to stay inside a lot during the Winter months too. Have a happy day & stay warm.

  2. Sweet picture. I’m with you on the winter thing. Thankfully for now we live in Southern New Mexico and don’t see much snow. I like your plans for the day. Have a wonderful time. Blessings.

  3. That is a cutie of a little girl…I like the snow, just no ice..usually indoors mostly too during the winter months 🙁

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