Authors and Friendships….

Some of you who follow me on Facebook ( know that I have several author friends that I embrace very close to my heart. Karen Anna Vogel is one of them. She’s another author of Amish Christian Romances and, if you haven’t read her books, I truly encourage you to do so.

But, for this post, I want to promote my new friend, Erin Brady. Last week, we met in NYC for dinner at Bryant Park. She is…without doubt…one of the funniest people that I know. I first met her when she asked me to read her book, And the Winner Is… There are three books in my life that have made me belly-laugh…this was one of them.

We began corresponding and met a few times in NYC. We became brainstorming buddies and good friends.

Well, I’m very proud to post a link to her first official review for her book. It’s a lovely review and sings praises for her book. Now, I know it’s not Amish fiction but, if you like “chick lit” type books…books that are light, fluffy, and make you really laugh…I highly recommend it.

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  1. Thankyou for linking up to my review, I’m so pleased it’s gone down well. Erin Brady is truly a talented writer, and an amazingly funny person too! I really hope loads of people give her books a try! Megan xxxxxxxxxx

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