Saving Grace…

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Last night, we had a lovely dinner at my house.  My dear housekeeper wanted to invite her pastor over so we had a full table with the pastor, his wife, their kids, my family, and my guest…the young man I mentioned in an earlier posting (who is blessing us as much as we are blessing […]

Book Giveaway #1

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Sandisthoughtsandreviews won the first copy!  She needs to make certain she friended me on Facebook, however.  If she didn’t, she won’t know and can’t message me.  Next giveaway…within the next few days!  🙂  I like giving away things…

Amish Puppy Love and Old Amish Friends

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It’s bound to happen. When you write a book and develop your characters, there will come a time when you find that it’s hard to say good-bye to them. After spending so much time with them and knowing them so well, the thought of ending that literary relationship is…well…emotionally draining. I felt that way about […]

Generous of Heart

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Just the other weekend, I attended a Mennonite church service in Lancaster County, PA. It was a wonderful service and really struck me how generous of heart these people are. Unlike the Amish, the Mennonites do have churches but they are very plain. No statues. No crosses. No stained glass windows. Without the trappings that […]

New Amish Friend: Katie S.

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Next weekend, I will be headed back to Lancaster to meet a new Amish friend, Katie S.. A Mennonite friend made the introduction and Katie has a room to rent at her farm. I will be renting the room so that I may come and go as I please during the year.  I’m looking forward […]