Amish: Out of Order

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I just finished watching two episodes of Amish: Out of Order on the National Geographic Channel.  To be perfectly honest (which I am), I’m not certain how to feel about it.  Let’s start with the following: I am afraid that people will watch these episodes and judge the Amish on what they see from this […]

The Simple Life

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There is something very simplistic about the Amish. From the way they dress to the way they live, the Amish have captured a part of our very souls that treasures simplicity. Yet, very few of us are willing to follow in their footsteps. Many of you know that, recently, I was introduced to an Amish […]

Memorial Day

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It’s Memorial Day…the unofficial beginning of summer. For the Amish, it’s a time of gardening, visiting friends, fellowship, and fun. While the workday is just as long as before, most crops have been planted and it’s a period of hurry up and wait. Wait for the sun to shine, rain to fall, and plants to […]

Church Sunday

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Tomorrow is church Sunday in the district of my Amish “roommate”, Katie S. I was planning on visiting Lancaster this weekend but had two obligations that hinder my journey.  So, unfortunately, I will be missing church with Katie S. and her Amish district this week. Since I’m feeling poorly about missing church with Katie, I […]