Amish Church (part 2)

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Several days ago, I wrote the beginning of my experiences attending an Amish church service in Leola, PA. This entry is a continuation of that posting. Please don’t forget to go to for photos, more stories, and giveaways. After everyone was seated, service began with two lovely songs in High German. One man would begin by […]

Amish Church (interlude)

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One of the things that dawned on me when I was at the Amish church is something that I’m hesitant to write about here. However, it was very apparent while I was at the service and, being the person that I am, I tend to speak my mind… What I have read…what I have been […]

Amish Church (Part 1)

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Please don’t forget to go to for photos, more stories, and giveaways. This week, church service was being held over the horse barn at the house of a young Amish couple. According to Katie, new barns and shops are being built with these massive rooms on the second floor for the very purpose of […]

Angels in Lancaster

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So I’m out in Lancaster at my place with Katie Stoltzfus. I hope everyone is following my stories on the Fan of Sarah Price page. I had a hard time figuring out the lighting situation last night…gas powered lights are scary to light for us Englischers! So I resorted to flashlights. Katie wasn’t there. Her […]

Valley of Hope Status…

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A lot of people have been contacting me via email and Facebook regarding Valley of Hope, Book 4 in the Amish of Lancaster Series.  Most of the questions focus on when it will be released.  The first draft is almost finished and now needs to go through the cycle of editing, proofing, rewriting…and more editing, […]