When You Wake Up Not Alone

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So. After driving 20+ hours, I arrived in Florida ready to hit the hay. It’s always sad to go to bed here in Florida when Marc is back in NJ. Even when he snores, I just like knowing he’s there. When I snore, I’m sure he feels the same way about me, too. 😄 But […]

Getting Robbed

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So last week, our house in New Jersey was robbed. In 22 years, I had only been robbed once and that was by a Sears contractor (beware of workers in your house!). This was a full-blown robbery. I suppose I should be more upset by this. They stole almost all of my jewelry, a laptop, […]

Annie’s Quilt

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Hi everyone. I’m so excited because tonight…at MIDNIGHT…everyone who preordered my book, Annie’s Quilt, will get it delivered to their Kindles. Annie’s Quilt is the first in a series that focuses on the young women in Shipshewana, Indiana. Have I mentioned how much I love Shipshewana recently? For the majority of my life, my exposure […]

Morning Coffees

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Several people have inquired about why I have stopped doing my daily videos on Facebook. Unfortunately, with some of the recent news out of Facebook, I have decided to stop my Morning Coffees. I began my daily videos three years ago. Over time, I began to see that 2,000 people were viewing each vlog which […]

March Madness

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Who doesn’t like a good sale? I know I sure do, especially when it has to do with books. My publisher, Waterfall Press, has made March the month to help my readers (and future readers) through the winter blues. Almost all of my novels are $1.99 in eBook format on Amazon. Isn’t that wonderful? The […]