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Annie’s Quilt

Annie’s QuiltHi everyone. I’m so excited because tonight…at MIDNIGHT…everyone who preordered my book, Annie’s Quilt, will get it delivered to their Kindles.

Annie’s Quilt is the first in a series that focuses on the young women in Shipshewana, Indiana. Have I mentioned how much I love Shipshewana recently?

For the majority of my life, my exposure to the Amish was strictly Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. As more readers bought my books and wrote me emails or letters asking for more stories, I began to explore different areas. I’m very fortunate to have been to Amish communities in New York, Missouri, Tennessee, Colorado, Ohio, Belize (yes, Belize!) and, of course, Pennsylvania.

But when I went to Indiana, something clicked. Perhaps it was my friend, Marlette and her family, who adopted me and took me around to see the area (and meet their Amish friends). That made it extra special for me.

However, that wasn’t 100% of the reason I fell in love with Indiana. There is something different about that area. The only world that I can use to describe it is “real.” Perhaps it’s because tourists do not flock to it the way they do to Lancaster County or Holmes County. In the communities where I stayed, there were no big fancy hotels or touristy type attractions. It was just real life without the trappings of exploitation that I grew to dislike in Lancaster County.

Of course, Shipshewana does have stores and some attractions–people do need to earn a living, right? But it wasn’t about exploiting the Amish.

Anyway, I’m excited to introduce you to this new series and also to Shipshewana. I also hope some of you might visit me October 6th when I’m doing a book signing with Patricia Davids, Jennifer Beckstrand, Laura Bradford, and Jennifer Spredemann at Hoosier Banquets (an Amish home!). More details coming soon!

Please don’t forget to preorder Annie’s Quilt as well as Becky’s Quilt which is the next book in the series, scheduled to release in late June 2018.

Hugs and blessings,

Sarah P.

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