Annie’s Quilt: Wholesome and Accurate Portrayals of the Amish

Annie’s QuiltIt’s been not quite three months since I released Annie’s Quilt and the feedback that I’ve received from readers is wonderfully refreshing. I love how my readers reach out to me to share how much they enjoy my books. I thought I would share some of their comments here.

It’s so nice to read something so wholesome.

That’s right. Wholesome.  You remember what that means, right? No sex. No swear words. No yucky stuff. I happen to love writing wholesome stories because I’m tired of everything in the news being about teachers doing terrible things with their students or women being sexually harassed by big, powerful men or horrible things happening to young children. I often wonder what in the world is going on with society! Makes me very thankful that I’m down here in Florida, living on the horse ranch and away from the crowded urban world. We’re isolated and that really helps soothe my soul when I hear horrible things.

So it’s only natural that I would write about wholesome romances. I LOVE good romances. You know, the shy relationships that build up to love. Maybe a hand holding episode along with sweet words and demure glances. To me, that is much more powerful and definitely more romantic than two characters who strip off their clothes and jump into bed. Shudder! 

I’m always impressed about how well you know the Amish…

Out of respect for the other authors in this genre, I’m leaving off the rest of the compliment. However, I know that this is true. I do know the Amish because I’ve been involved with them for thirty years now. My family on my father’s side is Mennonite, too. My entire life has been filled with Anabaptist values and culture and religion.

While I don’t claim to be a Mennonite, nor do I think I’m an expert on the Amish, I’m very happy to share my knowledge with my readers (and, apparently, a few authors who like to borrow from my books). In Annie’s Quilt as well as Becky’s Quilt, you’ll be interested to learn a little more about the individualism  that is embraced among the Amish. I think a lot of people view them as being cut from the same cookie-cutter mold. But some Amish are very opinionated, very passionate, very driven, or even very shy.

Gasp! You mean they are individuals? Like real people?

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

I always thought Amish had arranged marriages.

There are no arranged marriages. At least not that I know of. Of course, what you may not know is that there are different types of Amish. Some are more conservative while others are more liberal. Given that I haven’t meant all of the Amish communities in the United States, I imagine that there could be communities where parents heavily suggest specific partners (just as some non-Amish parents do). But, like Annie in Annie’s Quilt, women typically decide who they will or won’t marry. It helps if the marriage benefits the family, but the pressure is definitely limited. Annie’s opinions about the type of man she wants to marry are clearly her own and she’s determined to stick to her plans…until she meets Gideon, that is.

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5 thoughts on “Annie’s Quilt: Wholesome and Accurate Portrayals of the Amish

  1. I so liked this book and look forward to the 25 more to come….getting ready to read about Becky! I read, for the most part, to leave this current world behind and go to a place that I enjoy without the current political divisiveness, racial explosiveness, moral/ethical loss and just down right rude people. I find that I need to leave this current mood and go to where the morals are strong, faith is promoted and not denied and where, at the end of the day, a good days work, thankfulness to God, strong family values and the fact that we don’t need as much as we think we do, is what matters. Thank you for so many Calgon escapes!!!

  2. Just finished Becky’s Quilt! Really enjoyed both Annie’s and Becky’s stories. Can’t wait for Carolyn’s story. Hope the series doesn’t end there. Would love to read Hannah’s, Dottie’s, Iva’s and Jennifer’s. I see lots of possibilities!

  3. I found “Ella” in our library. Was SO pleasantly surprised that I ordered “Belle” and “Sadie” even though the latter has not yet been released!
    You have captured the TRUE Amish spirit and given your characters BRAINS!
    Because I’ve known, well, a WI Amish family for 25 years, I tried other author’s works…but had to quit because they make their women so sappy! You don’t.
    I love the way you bring out the spirituality of each girl as she struggles to solve her situations. This from a former Roman Catholic nun…who only too well understands the strictures of a religion. Now, I’ll have to look for the “Quilt” series. Thank you. May your health improve!

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