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A Christmas Gift for Rebecca ($1.99 on Amazon, also on and Kobo) is a different type of Amish novella. My intention behind writing it was to pull the curtain back on an Amish household, not just at Christmas, but to explore the beauty of a newly married couple. Many of the Amish books that we read have the Amish couple getting married and living happily ever after. But, what many people don’t realize is that Amish couples do not usually live together until months after they are married.

I’ve received wonderful emails and letters from readers who had asked me about this, after reading the book. It’s not a commonly known (or discussed) fact. In my own books, Fields of Corn and Hills of Wheat, I did not explore this because, in both cases, they married outside of the faith and, therefore, had to leave the family home immediately. In Pastures of Faith, they already were living in the same house since Rachel was visiting from Ohio.

I have not read any Amish books that explore this unusual rite of passage for newlyweds. As always, I try to present cultural facts with my stories so that the readers can experience the Amish culture second-hand.

I hope you enjoy this clean, short Christmas novella. I know I sure did when I was writing it for you. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Amish Marriage Fact…

  1. I really enjoyed A Christmas Gift for Rebecca..I felt sorry for Rebecca, as she wasn’t able to live with her husband until they had their own place to move into together, other then that, each had to live at their parents..

  2. I read and enjoyed A Christmas For Rebecca. Would be so hard to be newly married and not be able to live with your husband for several months and continue living with your parents during that time. thank you for sharing more of the Amish culture to us.

  3. Hi why is it I can’ t find your books in the public library? I really want to read your books but I don’t have a kindle so I need to check them out from the library. Vicki.

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