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Amish of Lancaster: The books that launched my career

In 1988, I found an Amish farm that was willing to rent me an apartment over the mule shed. Little did I know that the day Amos shook my hand with a twinkle in his eye at my promise to pay $25 a day that my life would change.

For several years, I would travel back and forth to the Lancaster farm, spending as much time as I could there while juggling my college studies. Each time I stayed at the apartment, I learned so many new things about the Amish and about life that are even more applicable in today’s chaotic world such as kindness, fairness, patience, and godliness.

At the time, I knew that I was really blessed to have this amazing connection among the Amish. Back then, we didn’t have the Internet or smart phones. Most people had no idea about the Amish…many just thinking they were a cult or “freaks.” Today, so many people have learned the truth (and a lot of falsehoods, unfortunately) about the Amish.

Yes, they are people and people are flawed. No one is perfect. But as a community, they set an example that, in my opinion, should be followed by many of us.

While I lived on the farm, I wrote about those memories…in a fictionalized form, of course. Today…almost thirty years later (EGADS!!!!!), the observations of a nineteen-year-old mixed with her romantic fantasy (which almost became reality!) is available for readers in my book, Fields of Corn along with the other three books in the series.

These books launched my writing career, something I had dreamed about ever since I was a little girl.

For a limited time, this collection is available in eBook form to my readers at a special price of $4.99 for ALL FOUR NOVELS.

Thank you for honoring me by reading my books, enjoying my stories, and sharing my passion for the Amish.

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