Amish Farms

Amish Farms

There is something magical about driving along the back roads of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I imagine it is the same as in Holmes County, Ohio.

Amish farms are so majestic and beautiful. Deep down, I suspect that all of us Amish-loving Englischers envy the beauty and peace of the Amish way of life. Of course, being human, they are not perfect. They experience pain, anger, broken-hearts, and tough decisions like the rest of us. However, no one can argue that it is an easier way of life.

Whenever I stay in Lancaster County, I leave with a new sense of inner peace. Unfortunately, by the time that I drive home, I have encountered enough negative energy from other drivers that the peace dissipates. 🙁

Writing my Amish books takes me back there, to the winding roads and pretty landscapes. Developing my characters helps me return to that world of peace and tranquility, of happiness and goodness. Hearing from my readers (whether through emails, postings, or book reviews) motivates me to continue writing and dreaming and fantasizing the stories in my head.

I hope my books take you there…to those winding roads and pretty silos and rolling pastures. I think that’s where you want to be…along with me.