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Good news! Volume 4 of the Amish Circle Letters is completed and en route to the publisher. In case you were unaware, since the Amish do not have computers, the Internet, or even cell phones, the best way to communicate is face-to-face or via good old fashion handwritten letters.

Just yesterday, I received a lovely letter from my friend Katie. She sends me one or two letters a week. This one was extra special because she included a crochet pattern for me. She has been trying to teach how to crochet but, alas, I’m hopeless. Everything comes out crooked or I crochet too tight. I’m a disaster with that little hook. Of course, as my dear friend Sue says, “At least people will know that YOU actually made it.” A point well made!

Writing letters is a dying art. Yet, without doubt, we all love receiving them. I know there is a special feeling that I get whenever I receive Katie’s letters. I can imagine her sitting at her kitchen table, a battery operated light casting a glow on the paper as she carefully writes out each line. There is something magical about this form of communication. Yet, as much as we love receiving them, how many of us still write them? I know that I am remiss. I’m a texter and an email person. I don’t even really like talking on the phone.

Letters. So magical. So treasured. So rare…

I hope everyone has been enjoying the Amish Circle Letters volumes. The three main stories that are woven throughout each volume are authentic, based on real people that I know and real situations. Of course, being a writer, I’ve embellished the tale a bit (that is what writers do, right?).

Amish Circle Letters Series

6 thoughts on “Amish Circle Letters

  1. I have always loved writing and receiving letters. I still write some, but so few who like to write like me. I do write quite a lot at Christmas, and get lots of letters then from long time friends. I love that. My daughter writes a beautiful long poem every year at Christmas. Should enter to put them in magazines or other places. Feel sure she could. Guess she hasn’t tried to write a book, but she is quite talented. Would love to read all of these letter books.

  2. I think that’s why I love paper crafting and making cards so much. There’s something special about sending one of my homemade cards to a friend. Sarah, did you get your Christmas card from me…remember when you requested them??

  3. I am going to start getting my Christmas cards ready the first part of November. I try to write a little something in each one of them. I love to get letters and used to love to write them too. But the computer is so much faster. I’ll be sending your card soon. ♥

  4. Hi I love reasding everything u write I’m just like u email or texting well cant wait for book 4 of circleletters enjoy everyonea

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