Amish Church (interlude)

One of the things that dawned on me when I was at the Amish church is something that I’m hesitant to write about here. However, it was very apparent while I was at the service and, being the person that I am, I tend to speak my mind…

What I have read…what I have been told…what I continue to read…is very different than what I witnessed. Having lived among the Amish, admittedly as an outsider, has afforded me a grand opportunity to see so many wonderful things that others have, apparently, not witnessed in the same way. And with eyes that are fresh and liberated from preconceived notions.

Today was one of them.

One of the things that I try to do with all of my books is to stay true to people (i.e. decisions, dialogue, and dilemmas) and to the culture. For over 30 years, I have been studying the Amish. I have befriended them, lived among them, become one of them (as an outsider, something that I have always respected )…I will continue to stay true to the faith, the people, and the culture for the readers.

I’m actually hesitant to write further about what I witnessed and felt today.  For starters, I intend to incorporate the details into my Valley of Hope book and since I have never read the true details of a church service in any existing fiction book, I don’t want to ruin the “story” for anyone. I’ll try to give an abbreviated PART TWO tomorrow to describe the amazing ceremony that I was so honored to be involved in today!

But the other side of me wonders if that part of the Amish shouldn’t STAY protected and hidden. It was so magical…so surreal. Words simply cannot describe what I witnessed, what I felt, what I experienced. Indeed, I left the church service feeling so down on my own way of life. I wanted to feel more of what the Amish feel on a daily basis. Perhaps that I why I write about them, ja? But it was different today. Today was a turning point…

I have to digest this further, I think. It was really powerful…in a gut way, of course.


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  1. Being Mennonite I truly understand and respect what you experienced. Hard to explain…yes, so different than the main stream but such depth and feeling.To be plain was a choice I chose to stay and so glad that I did.

  2. Now i know why I speak then think. I thought out my response, then put fingers on keys and forget what I thought to think. grr.
    Different experiences of Amish-to-Mennonite faiths is a given, because they are all so different! From outside, they all seem conservative, from inside, their are liberals to conservative to ultra.
    I could with delight, debate theology forever with them and have/do. I left over theology of inerrancy.
    But you hit the nail on the head for me, I might disagree on interpretation, but off all religious expressions of Christianity, the amish/mennonites dont just live it, its do deep within them its not from the head, it flows from their entire being/not only individual but most so collectively. They truly are ambassadors of Christ. I miss most, is the experience of community of those who are Christ to one another, a true body of believers. I am not eloquent with words, but “deep sigh”, maybe it cant be expressed, its a testimony. And I dont think they can be more open with this, because it will get lost. The best you can get, is join their congregation, and struggle to submit to it, when as at least in American, submission, making the other more important then self, that community is more important than you, is counter the me and jesus: pax americana we know today. its not easy to join from outside …. so appreciate your outside looking in


  4. I visited Charm,Ohio last year, spent the night in nice motel that was run by a Mennonite, what a great breakfast we had and a wonderful blessing before the food. I’ve read about them and studied some of their history,I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever meet a finer group of Christians.

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