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All About Secret Sister

Such an exciting week! Not only did the Waterfall team re-release the Plain Fame series and we had an amazing two day book launch ( YOUTUBE), but on October 6th, my first traditionally published Christmas book, Secret Sister, is being released by Realms (an imprint of Charisma).

Admittedly, it’s hard for me to get into the Christmas mode. I still am wondering what happened to summer! I think I went to the pool one time and I’m not certain that I even went into the water! It was a busy summer between Cat preparing for her Youth Mustang Challenge and Marc preparing our new Flanders horse farm. All of us were busy. Very. Busy.

But isn’t that the story of life?

Often we get so busy that we forget to take a moment and simply live. Or, better yet, enjoy living.

That’s the basic theme of Secret Sister. Grace Beiler has recently become widowed and she is struggling with the fact that she had not taken time to enjoy living. Now that her husband has passed away, she is wondering what’s next? Slowly she realizes that she can take the time to reflect on her life and, despite her concerns that life has passed by too quickly, she begins to recognize how rich her life truly was. And can still be!

This year, to celebrate Grace’s journey to this discovery—one that we should all make!—we are doing a Secret Sister giveaway. There is a simple form on my website (CLICK HERE) that you can fill out and nominate a friend to be your secret sister. If selected, both of you will win a beautiful gift basket.

How much fun is that?

A few people will be runner-ups and receive smaller gifts…just because so many people are signing up. We wanted to include more than one winner in the giveaway.

So I hope you take a moment to join the contest.

And remember to take a few moments to live life instead of pushing yourself too hard. 😀

Secret Sister can be purchased through Amazon|Barnes&Noble|CBD and local bookstores.

3 thoughts on “All About Secret Sister

  1. Do you use influencers for promoting your books? I’m on a couple of street teams and an influencer for a few authors. I love Amish Fiction. I use to buy all the books I could buy when I was working, but unfortunately I am now disabled because

  2. Sorry, I wasn’t finished. As I was saying, unfortunately I am now disabled because of a medical error that causes severe complications. Now, I’m on a small limited income. I encourage my library to purchase the Amish Fiction as it seems to have a big following here. Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I’m sorry about the mess up on sending two comments. Congratulations on your new books being released.
    Barbara Thompson

    1. Hello Barbara, Blessings to you and prayers towards living with medical errors.Many of us live within this same community,it is so nice to have wholesome reading,uplifting to our spirits and we can extend our books to others .Sharing women,and men,that pass their books along to others are worthy as those who write and inspire,I also go to my library,with request,and even borrow[inter- lib loan],purchase request etc.Love hearing others and Sarah’s book stand the test of time.Excited about the Secret Sister. Blessing linda G

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