Adventure Time

So, for the first time, I will be meeting my friend, Sparrow (aka Sherri) tonight. We met on Facebook…actually on the phone at the urging of her “mom” (danke, Diana). Since then, we have become fast friends, a friendship that can only happen once in a lifetime.

Besides the usual Thanksgiving celebration, we will be going to Lancaster. She will meet the characters of my books (existing and future characters), stay at an Amish home, learn to crochet, enjoy fellowship, help me groom my ponies, and attend an Amish church service on Sunday. THAT is an amazing, life-changing experience. I’m excited to share this wonderful part of my life with someone so very special.

I am very protective of my Amish friends. I don’t introduce many people to them. It’s a rare honor that they have accepted me…So this is a big step for me. But, if anyone deserves this, my Sherri does.

I’m looking forward to showing her where I lived when I met Emanuel in Fields of Corn, my first Amish book. We will explore the backroads, maybe go for walks (brrrrrr), and giggle into the night as we mess up our crocheting. I might even get some new story ideas while we are there…Wait, scratch that. Might? No, I definitely WILL get new story ideas while we are there.

I always say that there is something magical about being among the Amish. For a few days, Sherri and I will be immersed in the culture, lifestyle, and religion. Not many people have that opportunity and I wouldn’t share it with anyone less special to me. My own daughter is not allowed to go with me…she’s a bit too worldly for the young ones, especially when she tries to ride the cows and climbs hay bales yelling “KING OF THE MOUNTAIN” (she IS only ten). I’m hoping that Sherri will blog about her “Week with Sarah Price” as I certainly will blog about my “Week with Sparrow”.

So sit back and enjoy the next few days of blogging, photos, and fun. You can come with us…even if only virtually.



3 thoughts on “Adventure Time

  1. I will be watching for your posts on this. It sounds very exciting. Hope there will be some pictures of you and sparrow. Know you can’t take any of your Amish friends. This sounds to be a very fun trip for both of you.

  2. I am so excited to hear about your adventures. Sherri (Sparrow) and I met through Dianna. When I go to Florida to see friends I alway make a point to see Sherri and Dianna. Have a great time, waiting to see pictures and hear all those amazing stories. Visiting Lancaster mayself the 24th and 25th with my family.

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