Acts 2:40

”Save yourself from this crooked generation.”

It’s been a long few days…no, weeks. Actually, make that a year.

One year ago, Cat and I journeyed to Florida for the winter. We wound up moving here permanently. Thankfully, I have the most amazing husband who understands why we need to be here and is willing to commute.

For the past few years, usually around this time, I have a conversation with Cat. Sometimes she gets discouraged, wondering how she is doing…or even what she is doing with her life. Usually we talk about where she was twelve months ago and how far she has come in that time period.

The past twelve months have been an amazing learning curve for both of us. We came down to Florida with hopes and dreams. In some regards, she has far surpassed anything that she could have dreamed of. What she has learned about training wild mustangs has skyrocketed. We arrived with four personal mustangs: Monche, Bella, Minnie, and Malibu. We also had two rescues, mustangs who were abandoned in Connecticut. Today, we have 17 mustangs on the property (plus three minis and two non-mustang horses). She trains all of those horses and cares for them—basically by herself because, let’s face it, I’m not a great horse person beyond loving them so much! And Cat has retrained and re-homed three abandoned mustangs.

I’m proud of Cat and all that she’s doing. She’s an original, that’s for certain. A truly good person.

Cat Zimmerman

In today’s world, however, good people are hard to find. We are fortunate to have good friends and neighbors down here. And I still have my circle of good people up north, too. But if you turn to social media, it’s easy to find people who are manipulators, users, simply not kind…people who will smile at you but secretly wish that you fail.

Personally, I believe that this generation needs a major overhaul. There is such a sense of entitlement and lack of personal responsibility among many people. I see it all the time—people who make an awful lot of presumptions, believing that they are owed things, including success. Often rules do not apply to these people. Some of the younger people believe their parents should sacrifice everything while older people—especially parents! –get angry when others succeed.

It’s a crooked generation who believes these things.

The world needs more good people. I’m fearful that many parents are raising children who are unappreciative and ungrateful, children who use and manipulate other people so that they can succeed. Where will that lead us in the future? How do they judge success anyway? By how many people they hurt…including themselves in the long run? What do they think when they look in the mirror at night? Do they see the truth or are they blinded by their own deception?

I’m glad that I saved my daughter from being a part of a “crooked” generation. Today, she’s surrounded by good, caring people…people that help us and we, in turn, help them. We support each other and have a true family of good friends across the country. To me, that is the most success anyone could ask for…and helping a few mustangs along the way is just an added bonus.

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One thought on “Acts 2:40

  1. I agree with you and it scares me they will be taking care of us when I am in my 80’s. They need to learn to work for what they want and not get handed to them. That is the way they were brought up. Prayers that God steps in and changes things. God Bless America

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