flyswatter-bannerSarah Price the person is a type-A, high energy person who loves to multitask and works well under pressure. In fact, if I don’t have multiple projects going on, I procrastinate. I seem to like chaos in my life.

I split my time between my home in New Jersey and my horse ranch in North Central Florida. I prefer Florida, believe me. We live on a 20-acre ranch that is very isolated. But nothing beats waking up and enjoying your morning coffee watching your horses graze in the front lawn. It’s peaceful and quiet. You can’t beat that.

Core to my life is being a good steward of the earth. I rescue animals the way some women buy shoes (ha ha). Currently, we have seven dogs, eight cats, three parrots (one of whom is semi-famous on Instagram…@cocochanelthecockatoo 🙂 follow her!), four rats, two ducks, seven chickens, seven horses and a miniature horse in Florida and I have no idea how many horses, ponies, goats, donkeys, chickens, etc. in New Jersey. I love taking care of the land in Florida so that the wild creatures have a natural habitat to live. Part of our farm is wooden and I love walking through it and listening to the birds, seeing the deer, and tending to the trees. God isn’t making any more land and humans sure are focused on destroying it. So I do my best to take care of what I have for future generations.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, ever since I could read which was at a very, very young age. There is something magical about telling novels that immerse the readers in the characters and the stories. All of my novels, both the Amish romance and the women’s fiction, have pieces of me in them, some more than others. However, all of my novels are written with one major purpose in mind: to take the reader on a journey. A personal journey.

Unlike many other authors of the Amish fiction genre, I try to dig deeper into the Amish culture as well as the individualism of the characters. I think people have a tendency to stereotype the Amish, to make them as if God cut them from the same fabric. But they are people, just like everyone else in the world. Individuals with feelings, dreams, hopes, and disappointments. My experience living among the Amish (and growing up with a Mennonite family) helps to add authenticity and accuracy to the setting, but my deep-rooted awareness about the psychology of people adds a layer of depth to the characters that are not seen in many other novels.

As for the women’s fiction, I really dive into the emotional awareness and growth of the main characters. Fortunately–or unfortunately, some might think– I’ve lived many different lifetimes—some good, many not so good. I’m able to pull from those experiences when I’m developing characters, regardless of their situation: breast cancer, depression, isolation, drug addiction, sexual abuse, divorce, domestic violence, etc. I believe that many of my readers either know someone who have experienced these situations or have experienced it themselves so, when they read my women’s fiction, they recognize that I know what I’m talking about.

Additionally, I have a fifteen-year-old daughter who trains wild mustangs. From May to September, I’m often driving her and her herd of mustangs around the country for competitions or performances. In 2018, I’ll drive to Tennessee to pick up her mustang for the 2018 Extreme Mustang Makeover (Youth Division, of course) and then, three months later, take her and the horse to Kentucky for the competition. I never know what else will get thrown my way. The good news is that I can write anywhere. So, I bring my laptop and I’m all set to work! 🙂

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