A New Month, a Fresh Start

There is something about the beginning of a new month.  It’s a fresh start to life…just like New Year’s Day.  For all of your writers, commit to doing something wonderful this month.  Finish a chapter or a book–even if only a rough draft.   For all of your readers, consider some of the wonderful eBooks that I’ve discussed on the Nice eBookshelf (located on Facebook).   We have fantastic writers out there…the very same ones that get turned away by major publishers but write just as well…if not better.

I received numerous submissions for the eBook contest…submissions will not be accepted after Labor Day.  I’m devouring the books that have been submitted so far and will have a list with reviews shortly after Labor Day.  Right now, I’m finishing up Lisa Goodwin’s “Within Dreams” and have Annie Oldham’s “Dragon Sister” on standby.  A few others that you might want to consider include Georgia Saunders’ “Home Street Home” and, for all of your poetry lovers, Michael Montlack’s “Cool Limbo“.  Some of these books are just eBooks, others are print.  But they are worth looking into for your iPad, Nook, Kindle, or bookshelf!

Have a great Labor Day!

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