A New Dawn…

Something happened over the weekend. It happened on Sunday, to be exact. After stressing and worrying about Valley of Hope, the fourth book in my Amish of Lancaster Series, I gave the nod for release of the book and *POOF* it was gone. Gone from my computer, gone from daily visits, gone from my worry (but never gone from my life).

I watched as the book landed on Amazon first (note: Amazon is amazing) then, a few hours later, it landed on The paperback version will be out in a few weeks on both of those sites and slowly it will trickle into bookstores and (hopefully) libraries.  I watched the first few sales, wringing my hands…biting my nails…

And then, it happened…I started writing our next book.

In many ways, I feel unfaithful to Valley of Hope. I should be tending to it, nurturing it, feeding it. But I have fallen prey to a new idea, one that has been fermenting in my mind since last October. For months, I have been doing research, studying, listening, and talking about this idea. I have been planning and structuring and outlining it with my inner circle. Now, it is finally here. The moment that I can take a (short) vacation from The Amish Of Lancaster and focus on my new series.

It’s a wonderful distraction from being a helicopter parent over Valley of Hope!

I’ve let a few people read the first few draft chapters and the feedback has been tremendous.  One of my confidants called me on the phone yesterday while I was in Manhattan and we spoke for over an hour, brainstorming the different possibilities. Originally, it was going to be a two book series. She talked me into three. The storyline has been completely mapped out and the launch strategy created. The way that the words are flowing from my head to the document are stunning me. In 30+ years of writing, I have never had a story flow the way that this one is flowing. It’s simply amazing.

What a difference 72 hours can make!

Don’t worry, Valley of Hope. I still love you. But there is room in my heart for many more books to love. Like a mother’s love, we don’t have just depth…we also have breadth.

6 thoughts on “A New Dawn…

  1. That sounds so exciting for you Sarah. Do you have a name for this new series? And will you be writing the other books in your The Amish of Lancaster series along with this new series or after. Will be waiting to get and read your new series. Sounds like you are well on your way in getting this new series going. And I know Valley of Hope will do great. I know I can’t wait to read it. .

  2. I bought it on Kindle on Amazon yesterday, and I have all ready made it through the first few chapters. I absolutely love it!! Can’t wait to see the new books! Keep up the good work!! God Bless!!!!!

  3. I also got it on Kindle . I’ll be reading it this evening . So glad it’s done & exited about the one your doing now . I’m sure it will be good , God gives you so many great Ideas , glad your going with it .

  4. Sarah! What wonderful news! I got my copy of Valley of Hope last night. I’m reading Hills of Wheat right now, and loving it. God has blessed you in your writing, and this new book is most definitely God inspired. Good luck, and we’ll all be watching for another new release in the future!

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