A Day In Lancaster (part two—part one comes later)

Yesterday was such a great day. Despite having to drive over seven hours in the car, I really had an amazing time in Lancaster County. I’m going to by-pass the first part and jump immediately to the second part when I met with Katie Stoltzfus at her house. Don’t worry…I’ll write more about the first part later. 🙂

My wonderful uncle was able to make the connection between me and Katie through a mutual friend. Since the Lapp farm now rents my old apartment to another woman, I was out of a place to stay in Lancaster County proper. I could always stay at my uncle’s house, of course, but I want to immerse myself in the Amish culture. Well, Uncle J did it!

After many phone calls and messages, I finally managed to work my schedule to drive out (and back) to Lancaster County to meet her. She always sounded so jovial on the phone that I loved her immediately. But, when I met her, it felt like I was coming home.

Her house is not a farm. It’s a ranch. A beautiful ranch. She was quite proud in showing me the house. It is lovely with two bedrooms, one bath, a small kitchen, and a sitting room. “MY” room has a twin bed with a homemade quilt on it. And a rocker. And kerosene lanterns. I fell in love immediately!

She had a list of questions to ask me and, before she asked #1, we were chatting like old friends. She never got to question #2-10 because we just started talking and sharing and liking each other immediately. She was quite dignified when she invited me to rent the room and quite proper when she handed me the key. I almost had tears in my eyes, loving the future that is ahead. But it continued!

She invited me out to dinner.

I have learned that Amish women love to go out to eat. I’m sure it comes from years of cooking, serving, and cleaning. So, when asked, I always say yes…even though it meant racing through three towns to get my husband’s order from Yonie’s Harness Shop during rush hour. But it was worth it. We sat at the restaurant and talked, talked, talked. I learned so much about her and saw a whole new side of “Amish”. As a lifelong single maedel, she has her own opinions and thoughts on things. I am so looking forward to sharing these things with everyone over the upcoming months!

6 thoughts on “A Day In Lancaster (part two—part one comes later)

  1. Sounds like you had a great day! Your so lucky and blessed to get to see her and rent the room.Have fun.Cant wait till I read more..


  3. I am wanting to hear lots more about this trip. Sounds like you had an awesome day. I will not envy, I will not envy, I will not envy…

  4. I’m so glad that we are only about 2 and a half hours from Lancaster. We love visiting. Where did you go for dinner ? There are so many nice places to choose from in that area.

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