A Christmas Adoption by Lisa Bull

a-christmas-adoptionLast night we were able to reconnect with cousins we hadn’t seen for quite some time. As I (eh hum) “mature”, my family…my roots…become more and more important to me.

For Christmas, my mom gave me family history on the Edge side of the family. I am thrilled to read about my family from England…association with WILLIAM PENN…that I have roots in Kentucky and Tennessee (I never knew that)…AND, we have ministers on my mom’s side of the family (didn’t know that either!)

I have a very large book about the Seidner side of my family. There were ministers in that family as well, including an Ohio Mennonite. I love to allow my mind to wander back and imagine their life, and how what they did, so long ago, impacts my life now. They didn’t know anything about Lisa Bull, but yet, their choices and their decisions shaped my life.

Maybe you don’t have a heritage like mine. Perhaps you were adopted and know nothing about your ancestors. You might be like a dear friend of mine who has abuse and neglect in her past. Maybe your family line has a long list of things you’d rather forget than embrace.

I have good news for everyone today. Whether you come from a distinguished line or a history riddled with controversy we all have the opportunity to be children of The King. We have a Heavenly Father who waits for us to come home to Him. You see, He gave us free will…He won’t force Himself on us. He wants us to love Him because we want to love Him. Do you need a loving Father…a heritage of love, joy, and peace? All you have to do is ask and He will adopt you, making you His child.

It can be a Christmas adoption!

1 Peter 2:9 (NIV)

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

Romans 8:15 (AMP)

For [the Spirit which] you have now received [is] not a spirit of slavery to put you once more in bondage to fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption [the Spirit producing sonship] in [the bliss of] which we cry, Abba (Father)! Father!

Lisa Bull sees her life as a journey along God’s divine plan. While considering herself an expert on nothing, she enjoys laughing and has made “choosing joy” her motto. Lisa has experienced God’s unfailing love and grace in her life and wants nothing more than for others to enjoy that same gift in their lives.

Lisa is the daughter and granddaughter of ministers. She has multiple relatives in ministry on both sides of her father’s family including several pastors, pastor’s wives, and missionaries. In fact, ministry in her maternal grandmother’s family can be traced back several generations. She loves being a wife and mother of two terrific young men.

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